vRealize Network Insight


What is VMware vRealize Network Insight?

VMware vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is an Intelligent Security and Operations Management solution for the network.

It provides 360 degree visibility across virtual & physical network using network flow analytics.


Key Benefits:

  • End  End Troubleshooting

  • 360 Degree network visibility & analytics

  • Compliance

  • Network Health & Performance

  • Micro-segmentation planning & security analysis

  • Visibility: 

    • Provides end  end visibility of overlay (virtual) & underlay (physical) network.

    • Provides details of how these layers are connected & what’s happening in each layer & what traffic is flowing through them.

  • Audit & Compliance: 

    • vRNI tracks all the changes for audit and compliance purpose. 

    • Provides detailed report on the historical changes & how they impacted security of a virtual machine.    

  • Application behavior for Micro-segmentation:

    • Enables to understand each application behavior and how different tiers communicate with each other.

    • This enables setting up the Micro Segmentation policy & frame work based on the real data. 

  • Operationalizing NSX based environments:

    • It provides simple “Google-like” search & intuitive UI to operate NSX based environments.

    • Enables ease of troubleshooting.

 Network Insight Components:

  • vRealize Network Insight Platform

    • It is a VM which provides the analytics, user interface & data management for Network Insight.

  • vRealize Network Insight Proxy 

    • It is a VM which connects to various data sources supported by Network Insight, such as vCenter, NSX and physical network devices.






Network Insight Architecture:

Image result for Network Insight Architecture


  • VRealize Network Insight uses Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) which is also referred as Netflow.

  • Data sources needs to be added to collected the data.

  • The data sources can be vCenter, NSX Manager, Physical routers & Switches. 

  • When vCenter is added as a data source to the Network Insight IPFIX configures the distributed switches to send traffic flow information to vRealize Network Insight.