My VCIX-NV Exam Experience:

The VCIX-NV exam is the advanced level of certification for VMware NSX in the Network Virtualization track.

Passing this exam requires not only good knowledge & hands on experience on NSX-v platform but also on advanced networking concepts. Ensure your basic concepts are clear.

The exam topics test your skill & concepts to full extend. The best part of this exam is that none of the topics are out of the blue print. So mastering the topics in the blue print is must.

The total time for this exam is 210 minutes, it looks it is a lot of time but for this will not be enough. Those who take the VCIX-NV Exam and have a home address in a country where English is not a primary language will have an additional 30 minutes added to the exam time.

Time management is key for completing the tasks & passing the exam.

Keep track on time you are spending on each task. Ensure that you don’t spend more time on any single task. (Sometimes you may face slowness or you may feel the components are not responding. You need to manage these efficiently considering the time)

If you are struck with any particular task, move ahead with other tasks.

Where ever possible do multitasking. Perform 2 or more tasks in parallel to save time.



Blue Print –

  • Master the blue print topics.
  • Don’t miss or skip any topics from the blue print.


  • This is must to gets hands on if you don’t have your own lab.
  • Practice as much as possible with the HOL. Test various scenarios & options.
  • Ensure that your basic concepts are clear by getting your hands dirty with the HOL.

VCIX-NV – YouTube videos by Iwan Hoogendoorn

  • YouTube video by Iwan Hoogendoorn is a must.
  • Iwan Hoogendoorn has covered all the topics in his videos.
  • His explanation is awesome & clears most of the concepts. View the videos at least 3 times.