VMware – Interview Questions

What are the types of Ports groups in ESX/ESXi?

There are 3 types of port groups in ESX

  1. Service console port group
  2. VMkernel Port group
  3. Virtual machine port group

There are only 2 types of port group in ESXi

  1. Vmkernel Port group
  2. Virtual Machine Port group

What is VMkernel?

VMware Kernel is a Proprietary kernel of VMware and is not based on any of the flavors of Linux operating systems.
VMkernel requires an operating system to boot and manage the kernel.
A service console is being provided when VMware kernel is booted.
Only service console is based up on Red hat Linux OS not VMkernel.

What is the use of Service Console port?

Service console port group is required to manage the ESX server and it acts as the management network for the ESX.
vCenter/vSphere Client uses the service console IP’s to communicate with the ESX server.

What is the use of VMKernel Port?

VMkernel port is used by ESX/ESXi for vMotion, ISCSI & NFS communications. ESXi uses VMkernel as the management network since it don’t have service console built with it.

What is the use of Virtual Machine Port Group?

Virtual Machine port group is used by Virtual machine communication.

How Virtual Machine communicates to other servers in Network?

All the Virtual Machines which are configured in VM Port Group are able to connect to the other machines on the network. So this port group enables communication between vSwitch and Physical Switch by the use of uplink (Physical NIC) associated with the port group.

What are the different types of Partitions in ESX server?

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