Hyper Convergence

What is Hyper-convergence?

Hyper-convergence is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualization & other technologies in a hardware box supported by a single vendor.

  • Hyper-convergence was born out of the converged infrastructure concept of products that include storage, compute & networking in one box.
  • Systems that fall under the hyper convergence category also have the hypervisor built in and are used specifically in virtual environments.
  • Storage & compute are typically managed separately in a virtual environment, but hyperconvergence provides simplificationby allowing everything to be managed through one plug in.

How hyper-converged systems differ from converged systems?

Hyper-converged systems take the concept of convergence to the next level.

  • Converged systems are separate components engineered to work together.




    • Storage, Networking, Compute & Virtualization components are integrated together to provide a converged infrastructure.
    • Storage & management of computing power are handled independent of the virtual environment
  •  Hyper-converged systems are modular systems designed to scale out by adding additional modules.




    • These systems are mainly designed around storage & compute on a single x86 server chassis interconnected by 10 GB Ethernet.
    • It’s like a server with bunch of storage from a physical perspective.

Key Benefits of Hyper-convergence

  • Simple design.
  • Decreased administrative overhead.
  • Simplified vendor management since single vendor provides the complete solution.

What Hyperconvergence can do for you?

  • Hyperconvergence is based on the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Since it is based on Software it provides the required flexibility & agility that business demands from IT.



    • As it is software driven any new features are made available in the software releases which can be easily applied without any change or upgrade in the hardware.
  • Hyperconvergence solutions provide the combined flash & spinning disk for storage which offers the better capacity & performance which helps to eliminate resource islands.[Underutilized resources]
  • Hyperconvergence solutions offers single vendor approach related to procurement, implementation & operation.



    • All components compute, storage, network, backup are all combined in a single shared resource pool with Hypervisor technology.
    • The software layer which forms the base of this Hyperconvergence technology is designed to accommodate any hardware failure that eventually happens & it cannot be prevented.
    • As this technology is software driven any new features are made available in the software releases which can be easily applied without any change or upgrade in the hardware.
    • Offers single & centralized interface for managing all the resources across multiple nodes.
  • Hyperconvergence solutions go far beyond servers & storage that traditional or legacy services offers. It offers below services which a legacy service does not offer.



    • Data protection products which includes backup & replication
    • De- duplication appliances
    • Wide-area network  optimization appliances
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) arrays
    • SSD cache arrays
    • Replication Appliances & Software

Who are the vendors?

  • Nutanix
  • Simplivity – Omnicube
  • Scale Computing